Upcoming events

Teachers across the country are mobilising to run regional events in their local areas – watch this space to see events being run near you. If you would like to set up your own event in your community, please email lsmith@collegeofteaching.ac.uk for more details.

Representatives from Claim Your College are also appearing at key sector events, talking about the progression of the College of Teaching. Find details below.

23rd – 24th June 2016 – Festival of Education, Wellington College fest-of-education-1460102998

Over two days The Telegraph Festival of Education brings together the very best of education’s most forward thinking advocates, practitioners of change, policy makers and educators in one of the leading forums for thought leadership, CPD and debate.

As part of the festival, there will be a discussion on the new College of Teaching on the 24th June, exploring how increased autonomy could empower the teaching profession.

More information can be found here.  

30th June 2016 – Oxford Festival of the Arts – A Debate on the Future of Education ofa-logo

The question of how to educate the next generation has always been fraught with the anxieties of the age – so what do our current approaches to education reveal about our own anxieties? How has education fared in the nearly 20 years since then PM Tony Blair defined his top three policy priorities as ‘Education. Education. Education’? Do we have a clear sense of what education is for? Should schools prioritise illumination over instruction (as MCS founder Bishop Waynflete had it)? And will the newly reformed A-Levels free teachers and students from the previous tyranny of exams? Or is education more about skilling the next generation for the diverse needs of a modern economy? Are free schools offering a new experimental opportunity to work out different answers to the question of what education is for, or just another nail in the coffin of a properly comprehensive education system?

Professor Angela McFarlane will be taking part in the debate.

IC-16-Logo-panel-RH225th-26th July – Teach First Impact Conference, Leeds Beckett University 

The Impact Conference will welcome over 3,500 delegates including: trainee teachers new to the classroom, Newly Qualified Teachers, Teach First Alumni/Ambassadors who have been teaching in schools for 2yrs+ or are now pursuing a leadership career aligned to the Teach First vision, as well as a host of aligned organisations.

Vice Chair of the College, Sonia Blandford is presenting.

To find out more and to book your place, click here