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The Chartered College of Teaching is seeking more classroom teachers to join its governing body.

The Chartered College of Teaching is the new independent and voluntary body for the teaching profession. At the heart of the College is supporting teachers to gain the evidence-informed expertise they need to achieve and maintain genuine excellence – achieving the best outcomes for children, young people and adult learners.

The College aims to secure the status and recognition for teachers enjoyed by other professionals like doctors, lawyers and engineers. Our approach will be to offer a teacher-led professional standards, a professional code of ethics, a platform for knowledge mobilisation and a commitment to continuous development that must underpin the professionalism of teaching.

The College is working with teachers, headteachers, unions, subject associations and learned societies, schools, academy trusts and other education organisations to build a professional community of teachers. It is early days for the College and this is a period of exciting challenge and significant change.

13 Founding Trustees were appointed Autumn 2015 – teachers, heads and others with relevant expertise. Since then, we have been granted a Royal Charter to establish the Chartered College of Teaching, secured £5m start-up funding from the Department for Education and are in the process of appointing an inaugural CEO to lead the organisation.

We now seeking to appoint up to eight further classroom teachers to join the existing trustees during the Autumn Term 2016. These teachers will be involved in leading and governing the organisation at a crucial time as we open membership to teachers and schools across the country.

This role is a voluntary one involving up to 20 days a year.  We will pay travel and subsistence expenses.  Meetings and events are normally held at weekends or evenings but we will meet cover costs where required.

The deadline for applications is Friday 30 September 2016. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a current classroom teacher trustee, please email 

You can find a role description and application form here.

About the College of Teaching

There is widespread agreement that the Chartered College of Teaching must be independent, voluntary and run by teachers for the ultimate benefit of learners.

It will in time lead to:

  • Recognition of the skills, experience and knowledge that individual teachers possess and use on a daily basis.
  • A single independent, authoritative and non-party political advocate for school teaching and the knowledge and expertise that forms the basis of the discipline.
  • Coherence in increasingly fragmented landscape with multiple entry routes into the profession, school and academy chain autonomy and the changing role of local authorities.
  • Offering quality assurance and consistency in a landscape of variable professional development. This will act as an incentive for professional development organisations to serve individual teachers, rather than schools as their sole customers.

The College will hold the Royal Charter for the teaching profession. Chartered status in a profession is a mark of excellence.

Instead of politicians, civil servants and other experts steering education, the College will give ‘chartered’ and ‘fellow’ status to teachers who have achieved a recognised level of expertise that demonstrates their commitment to professional development and evidence informed practice and who show continued practice at this level.

The process to achieve chartered status will be open to all members of the College involving a rigorous process built around knowledge mobilisation and sharing of best practice, as well as making a real impact on improving student outcomes in the classroom.

Our role as trustees is to ensure that the running of the College is always done with the best interests of the members and the teaching profession at heart. Providing a teacher-led organisation that will help to push the profession towards higher professional standards is at the core of this work. This will include the oversight of the chief executive, as well as input into the wider strategy of the College for the coming years.

The College will benefit members by offering:

  • Accreditation against innovative, respected, sector-led professional principles.
  • A professional pathway will give access to high-quality professional development and learning. Members will be enabled to build a validated portfolio documenting professional impact, supported by a College mentor.
  • A common code of practice that reflects aspirational standards of teaching, an evidence informed approach to practice, ethical behaviour, promotion of the profession and the best possible opportunities for learners.
  • An interface with a quality-assured and diverse professional knowledge base, drawing from academic research and teachers’ judgements on the best ways to help learners.
  • Access to a new leading journal platform providing accessible, relevant information in print and digital forms.
  • National and regional events and conferences will provide forums for mobilising knowledge.

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