Teachers across the country are building the Chartered College. Join them.

The new College will be committed to improving the education of children and young people by supporting teachers’ development and recognising excellence in teaching.

It will be led by teachers, enabling the teaching profession to take responsibility for its professional destiny, set its own aspirational standards and help teachers to challenge themselves to be ever better for those they serve.

It will be an autonomous, voluntary body, independent of government but working alongside and complementing it. It will also be independent of unions and will not seek to represent teachers on matters such as pay and conditions.

We believe we have the opportunity to create something lasting, with the potential to change the culture of teacher development for the better.

We need your support to make this happen. Please spread the word to friends and colleagues, in schools and in other institutions.

We’ve created a flyer and a presentation deck to help you spread the word: 

Supporter’s Flyer

Supporter’s Presentation