Role and remit of the Founding Trustees

Founding Trustees will take overall control of the charity and will be responsible for making sure the College is doing what it was set up to do – to establish an independent voluntary and chartered member-driven professional body to support teaching practice and professional development.

The role of Founding Trustee is voluntary, with a term of office of three years. These individuals will play key leadership and governance roles in driving forward the College in consultation with the teaching professionusing their skills, expertise and networks to support the College of Teaching to help it to achieve its aims.

Founding Trustees will commit approximately 20 days to the development of the College of Teaching in the first year. The amount of work and commitment required has been reiterated throughout the recruitment process and ensuring that individuals have the support of their employing school or organisation.

You can download the job description and person specification for Founding Trustees here.

A broader explanation of the role and remit of the Founding Trustees can be found below.

Trustee roles and responsibilities

The Founding Trustees make sure the College of Teaching is running well and is doing what it is being set up to do. This includes ensuring:

  • It has the money it needs
  • It spends its money sensibly, on the activities it was raised for
  • It follows the law, including preparing reports and accounts to send to the Charity Commission
  • It doesn’t break the rules in its governing document (its constitution, trust deed or articles).

Founding Trustees are expected to their skills and experience to make sure the charity runs efficiently, but are allowed to get advice from external sources like solicitors or other experts if they need to.

Legal responsibilities 

Legally, Founding Trustees must:

  • Follow the law and the rules in the College of Teaching’s governing document
  • Act responsibly and only in the interests of the charity
  • Use reasonable care and skill
  • Make well-informed decisions, taking advice when needed.

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