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Claire Dockar cropFor too long, the teaching profession has been subject to endless change, imposed by those outside the classroom. The College of Teaching will be an independent, evidence-led, member-driven and voluntary body run by teachers for teachers in order to best meet the needs of learners. The new, chartered College will be committed to supporting teacher development and recognising excellence in teaching.

I was first introduced to the Claim your College coalition when I undertook my Lead Practitioner accreditation. An invitation to the first teacher event inspired me – teachers with one voice recognising that the time has come for our honourable profession to claim the respect that should come with the responsibility for teaching the next generation. Right now we have an opportunity to establish a professional body that matches the best in medicine, law, engineering, accountancy and all other professions in the country. As a teacher myself, I believe this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Whether you are a classroom teacher, school or college leader, become part of the debate and have your views and perspectives heard at this critical time, we want to hear from you.

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Claire Dockar

Chair of the College of Teaching / Lead Practitioner in Maths

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Why are supporters passionate about the College of Teaching?

Supporters of Claim Your College have collaborated to develop animations to help individuals and organisations to understand the potential of a College of Teaching and to spread the word. The animations have been developed by Gareth Alcott, Assistant Head Teacher at King Alfred’s Academy and designed by Edwin Lagos on behalf of the Claim Your College Coalition.